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At TeqHire, we specialise in helping you hire Remote Software Developers from all over the world no matter where your company is based, whether on a full-time or contract basis whilst saving more than 50% of recruitment or payroll costs.

Your Talent Shortages Solved

We enable companies to access top-notch talent from around the world. With our extensive network of Remote Software Developers spanning across the whole of Europe, Asia, and Latin America, we connect you with skilled individuals who can contribute to your success and tackle any talent shortages you may have.

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Why Hire
Remote Developers?

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Diverse Talent Pool

Whether you're looking for full-time, freelancers or contractors, hiring remotely gives you access to a more diverse pool of top-tier talent with specialized skills and experiences. We carefully vet candidates to ensure they possess the expertise and professionalism required to excel in remote roles

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Reduce Overhead

Save on overhead costs associated with traditional in-office hires. By hiring Remote Software Developers, you can reduce expenses related to office space, equipment, and utilities, allowing you to maximize your budget and allocate resources more efficiently.

Easy flexibility and scalability process

Flexibility and Scalability

Whether you need to quickly scale up your workforce for a project or hire on a part-time or freelance basis, hiring remote talent offers you the agility and adaptability you need to meet changing business demands and scale your team as needed more easily.

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Connecting You with Top Remote Developers

Our Remote Developer Hiring Process


Needs Assessment

We collaborate closely with you to understand your remote staffing requirements, project objectives, and desired skillsets.


Talent Identification

Leveraging our international network and recruitment expertise, we identify remote professionals who possess the skills and experience to meet your specific needs.


Screening and Selection

Our in-depth screening process ensures that candidates are thoroughly vetted for their skills, experience, and cultural fit. We provide and conduct interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks to ensure the quality of our talent pool is of a high standard.


Onboarding and Integration

We provide support throughout the onboarding process, ensuring that remote staff smoothly integrate into your team and are equipped with the tools and resources they need to succeed.


Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support and management to ensure that remote staff remain engaged, productive, and aligned with your project objectives.

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Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

"TeqHire's service went way beyond my expectations. Only few hours after registration they contacted me. Their methodology is professional and seamless. I got the feeling right away that I was a special customer and I received feedback regularly from their crew. TeqHire matched me and the company I work for today. I can highly recommend the TeqHire team. My experience is that they are professional, decisive and personal."
Customer Testimonial Picture Gunnar

Gunnar Karl Níelsson

Previously Head of IT Infrastructure Design and

"I was approached by TeqHire at a time when I was running my own business. They introduced me to an opportunity to develop an exciting new department at Arion Bank where we are currently re-inventing the banks' digital strategy. The whole process was professionally handled and only took a few weeks, at a time where I was not even considering taking on a new role."
Customer Testimonial Tomas

Tómas Ingason

Former Director of Rapid Digitization

"I signed up on the TeqHire platform, and within a few weeks I was being interviewed for an extremely exciting opportunity, which I went onto accept! It was such a simple and smooth transition, which comes from the team really understanding their market, the needs of their clients and attracting talent to suit!"
Customer Testimonial Picture Sigour

Sigurður Bjarnason

Project Manager

"At Valitor we have high standards and set ourselves challenging goals. To reach those we need excellent professionals both in developing new solutions and the current ones. It is often a challenge for companies to fill technical roles whether it is in IT operations or software development. TeqHire has consistently delivered highly qualified professionals in these areas that have been a real asset to the company."
Customer Testimonial Picture Stefan

Stefán Ari Stefánsson

Senior Manager, HR

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Services and Remote Developer recruitment process to help you gain a better understanding an address any concerns you may have.

What Technologies do your software developers specialise in?

Our software developers are skilled in various technologies, from backend languages like , C#.NET, Python, Java, Node.js, to frontend technologies such as React.js, Vue.js, and Angular.

Our Network also includes developers that specialise in Mobile App development (IOS and Android), the Cloud (Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform).

How can we be sure that the talent will meet needs of my company?

We employ a detailed screening process to ensure that the remote developers and workers we provide meet the specific needs of your company. Through comprehensive technical assessments, in-depth interviews, and customized matching, we identify candidates whose skills, experience, and work styles align seamlessly with your project requirements and team dynamics. We also provide ongoing support, access to portfolios and references, to further reinforce our commitment to delivering talent that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, driving the success of your company's projects.

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive information when hiring remotely?

We take data security and confidentiality seriously and implement robust security measures to protect sensitive information. This may include using secure communication channels, encrypting data transmissions, implementing multi-factor authentication, and adhering to industry best practices and compliance standards, such as GDPR or HIPAA, depending on the nature of the work and the industry requirements.

Is the hiring process completely remote?

Yes, from the first stage interviews until the first starting day of the candidate, we facilitate a completely remote hiring process.

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