Impressum - Liability for Content

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Teqhire ehf is committed to maintaining the accuracy and timeliness of the information presented on its website. While references to other official websites or services are made, these are intended solely to enrich the information provided to clients and visitors interested in contracting IT professionals remotely. Teqhire ehf does not claim any affiliation with, or endorsement of, these external sites or their content creators.


All materials on this site are the property of Teqhire ehf and are safeguarded by international copyright laws. Any modification, reproduction, processing, distribution, or other unauthorized use of the website's content is strictly forbidden without explicit written permission from Teqhire ehf. The company reserves the right to modify the website's content and associated documents as necessary to better serve its clients and reflect service enhancements.

Liability for User Privacy

Teqhire ehf prioritizes the privacy of its users, adopting a proactive stance in protecting personal information across all interactions with the website. This commitment to privacy complies with all applicable European regulations, ensuring a secure and confidential browsing experience for all users.