TeqHire is a marketplace created for the world’s best developers and game changers in technology who want a clear career track and work with the finest innovation companies in Europe. Acquiring talent should be transparent & unbiased and the talent should be in power of his destiny.

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We provide you with a personal career consultant that reviews your details and helps you find the perfect match and your dream job!

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Some tech companies we work with

  • amazon
  • intel
  • ccp
  • quizUp
  • five
  • meniga
  • unicredit
  • netcentric

How TeqHire works


Create a profile that highlights your unique talent

  • Automatically upload your profile from LinkedIn
  • Easily edit your details and super-power your profile
  • Need help? TeqHire specialist will assist you build your pro-looking profile
  • Full access to your own career track advisor at any time


  • Access the best tech companies
  • Schedule job interviews right here on the platform
  • Review multiple offers directly from companies
  • Accept the job offer that enhances your career track


According to your wishes we match you with companies that are looking for your talent. Interested companies reach out to you directly! The offers you like you select, and you begin the dialogue process leading to your first interview!

  • Compare job offers
  • No time wasted, you only accept interviews with companies you like
  • Simple to accept or reject offers with a single click
  • Want to negotiate? Send a counter-offer

We’re looking for talented developers now!

  • Android devs
  • iOS devs
  • Front-end Developers
  • Sofware Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Java Developers
  • JavaScript Ninja’s
  • Database Developer
  • PHP Developers
  • Product Managers
  • Python Specialists
  • QA/Test Engineers
  • Ruby devs
  • Security Engineering
  • Reverse Engineers
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • BI Analysts
  • Sales Experts
  • Recruiters
  • Online Marketing
  • NAV Specialists
  • Distributed SysAdmins
  • Security Forensics
  • Scala Developers
  • Sap Developers

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